Waiter Call System

The 1# Tallest Waiter Call Button in the World

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Highest Use-Rate

RemoteBells have a high use-rate thanks to unique design. As much as 4 / 10 customers use RE-BELLS® to call waiter, because its easy to use and always visible. Placement of button makes it the Tallest Waiter Call Button in the World!

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Coffee Shops and Bars
Rush hours are hard to handle, mainly in small cafés and bars. Get the balance right with RE-BELLS® waiter call system and simply manage your workflow.
Calling a waiter from table and kitchen will increase your staff efficiency.
Distant Area
Distant areas are tough to serve and therefore suffer from low customer satisfaction. Use RE-BELLS® waiter call system to promptly call waiter even from the most distant table.

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Track Perfomance

Compare, analyse and make better decisions with RemoteAnalytics.

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