• Restaurant

    Lower Labor Costs

    Industry standards put labor costs between 30 to 35 percent of the restaurant's total sales. Increasing waiters efficiency will help you save money and deliver better customer experience. How a restaurant managed to save 800 euro per month?

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  • Coffee Shop

    Manage Workflow

    Did you know that 1 waiter per 10 to 15 tables is typical in nearly all coffee shops? During peak hours waiters are under lot of stress and customers are waiting long to get served. By increasing speed in peak hour, you allow more people to visit and therefore increase sales by 10 percent and more.

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  • Bar

    Impulse Purchases

    Do you know why super markets put chewing gums and snacks next by the cashier? Impulse purchase. RE-BELLS® are a tool for using the magic of Impulse purchase in your bar.

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  • Distant Area

    Customer Experience

    Just remember when you last time ordered a burger but didn't get a napkin.. Frustrating, right? If the waiter is far away, you will need to wait for him to come or go for a napkin yourself. Either way, this is not a good experience. With RE-BELLS® you will be able to instantly call waiter even from the most distant table. Increase customer experience with RE-BELLS®

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  • Rush Hour

    Increase Efficiency and Revenue

    Gastronomy professionals suggest to follow rules of Restaurant Revenue Management. To increase revenue, advisors propose to shorten waiting time. Next they define 3 different waitings Discover which waiting is the worst.

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