too many tables per waiter

Understaff is defined as having too few staff members to operate effectively, which is typical mostly in coffee shops. Perhaps the biggest issue with having too few staff is missing out on revenue. Even missing the opportunity to seat one couple a day will have direct impact on your monthly revenue and negative longterm effect on customer loyalty.

Lets say 1 waiter handles 10 tables. With each table he has following obligations:

  • Greet new customers,
  • Present menu,
  • Ask for order,
  • Take orders,
  • Serve meals,
  • Collect dishes,
  • Sell deserts,
  • Work the cashier,
  • Split the bill,
  • Receive cash or
  • Process purchase by credit card.

All of this time 10, plus keeping everything in mind. And not to forget having a pleasant smile.

Waiter Call System RE-BELLS® has proven to help waiters in peak hours. Waiters experience less stress and can get more done in the same time.

Sylvia, waitress at NICO cafe:

“The system is good, mainly, when I don’t see new guests coming in.”

Victor, barista at NICO cafe:

“There is less stress, Rebells helps us organise work.”

Jozef, owner at NICO cafe:

“I bought RE-BELLS® not because of waiters, but mostly for the customers. This way we give our clients the possibility to choose when they want to be served and can use RemoteBells at any time to call waiter. Using RemoteBells is discrete and fast.”


Increased Customer Loyalty

Increasing loyalty by accelerating staff performance. Here is how.

At first, by increasing staff efficiency, you will be able to seat more people in rush hour. Therefore you allow more people to become loyal, as they will not have the need to go look for another coffee shop.

Next is relieving waiters and giving them more time to focus on new guests. In most cases, loyal, returning customers are most likely to use system RE-BELLS®. Therefore if your loyal base of customers use RemoteBells, your waiters will actually gain more time, which they can use for creating better customer experience to newcomers, which are then more likely to become loyal and returning customers.

These effects all together reflect in revenue gains. Surveying our clients has proven positive effects on revenue from 5 to as much as 15 percent!

What to expect from RE-BELLS on terrace?

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