Increase Efficiency to grow Sales

Get more done with less waiters. Lets say you run a restaurant with 40 tables. According to the restaurant association, 1 waiter should cover 5 tables, therefore you should have 8 waiters. Use RemoteAnalytics to analyse the potential for savings and save hundreds of euros on labour cost per month.

Lydia, Manager at Pizza Na Rohu

“I mostly appreciate the data. Thanks to table stats and rush hours analysis we identified, that our restaurant can run well with less staff during afternoon.”

Waiter has to know when and where to be. Calling a waiter from table or kitchen will increase efficiency of your staff and one waiter will be able to cover more tables.



According to customer survey on 160 respondents, 91% felt the waiters are more attentive after installing system RE-BELLS®.

In fact, not everyone will use the system, but even the 4 out of 10 who will decide to use the waiter call button, will help relieve your staff and therefore the waiter has more time to serve guests.

Secondary effect of RE-BELLS® is following: There are 4 tables seated at the restaurant at 3pm. Waiter at the bar is confirming online reservations for tonight. Suddenly table 3 requests waiter attention. Waiter approaches table 3 to collect an order. Once the waiter is there, table 2 will also place an order.


Respect privacy to increase loyalty

Some guests choose not to be disturbed during their visit, for example a businessman on a meeting with partners. RemoteBells will allow the businessman and his partners to call waiter at any time and also respect their privacy. Respecting his privacy, while serving needs will encourage him to return to your place again and again.



The attitude effect

Some waiters are affected by RE-BELLS® in a way, which makes them work harder. They take it to personally if someone uses the waiter call button, therefore they try to do their best to be at the table before customer requests his attention.


Dealing with understaff

Do you have more than 5 tables per waiter?

See how our clients deal with understaff