Impulse Purchases

By definition an impulse purchase or impulse buying is an unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before a purchase.

Retailers know that impulse purchases are adding money to their overall revenue. Many bars and clubs are trying to achieve this by displaying cocktails on TV screens or table talkers.

Imagine you are at a bar with your friends and you have already drank a couple of drinks and you start to feel like this just might be enough for the night. But then a friend gets this great idea to press the shiny button on the table to see what happens. Attentive waiter reacts to the waiter call request ASAP and approaches your table: “Would you like another round?” And there you have it. You and your friends drinking another round and having great fun, perhaps might even stay longer than previously expected.

Taking advantage of impulse use of RemoteBells is a great opportunity to sell more. Leverage on the attractive design of RemoteBells and gain more in revenue from the impulse purchase phenomenon.



Night Life Chaos

At night, when the bar is full, waiters are hard to find and do not show up as often. With RE-BELLS® you give them the possibility to call the waiter without hassle at any time. After the waiter comes and serves the table, the secondary effect appears.


Rush Hours

What to do if there is more and more people coming in?

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