• Windows App

    Speed-up reactions by 20 seconds per order.

    In our business speed matters. And the more places you pop-up a notification, the more sure you are the request will get completed ASAP. As an addition to notifications on RemoteManager and sound notifications, adding waiter call notifications on a cashier device helped our customers increase speed by 20 seconds per order. Multiply 20 seconds by 1500 monthly orders and you just saved 8 hours per month!

    Speed-up reactions by 20 seconds per order.
  • Coming soon

    Smart Watch App

    Innovation at RE-BELLS® is about increasing speed and efficiency. Waiter Call notifications on SmartWatch will not only speed up the process, but will also give you data about performance and activity of each waiter. Coming in 2018

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  • fully synchronised

    Use of Multiple Apps

    Apps are fully synchronised and can be used on multiple Windows and Android devices at once. Use in-app settings to assign tables for each App, so only relevant tables are displayed.

    Apps also support sound notifications and automatic pop-up intervals.